Jamie Facer-Childs


Age; 21

Weight; 85

Height; 6”0



Jamie - "Born through IVF, I am rowing for IVF children around the world and supporting Sparks who lead children's medical research"


I graduated with joint honours in Physiology and Psychology from Cardiff University. I have a passion for adventure and am always up for anything. Having decided to take a year to gain experience, push my limits and support what I believe in I have set myself the challenge to row across the Indian Ocean to raise money for the charity Sparks (registered number 1003825). Something I will put my heart and soul towards completing.


Not many people know, but I'm an IVF child, and in full health! Many people have doubts in the use of IVF and so I have an aim to show people that IVF children are just as healthy and capable of living a fulfilling life as anyone else. As it happens I am also going to be the youngest man to row across the Indian Ocean! Which is a good aim in itself.


I have a strong respect for life and believe in making the most out of life, enjoying every moment and appreciating the feeling of being alive. So to push myself to the extreme, both mentally and physically, will not just show people that IVF children are as competent as anyone else, but also personally generate that internal ecstasy of being aware of every breath taken and every sensation felt, giving you the knowledge that you really are alive!



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