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In the first ever Indian Ocean Rowing Race! The youngest ocean rowing team ever are set to make history and be the first rowing pair to cross the Indian Ocean.


Distance: 3,600 miles

Time: 90 Days (3 Months)

Start: Australia (Geraldton)

Finish: Africa (Mauritius)

Dangers: Sharks, Storms

Power: Rowing

Equipment: Solar Power

Food: Freeze-dried ration packets

Competitors: 14 boats

Research: Earthwatch




The Boat

Name: Southern Cross

Size: Length 7m (23ft) by 2m (6.3ft)

Rowers: 2, Jamie & James

Type: Woodvale pairs; Marine plywood boat


The boat is completely self sufficient and is designed to carry all necessary equipment and supplies. Drinking water is produced by a water desalinator, and the aft cabin is designed so that both members of the crew can sleep at one time. Electricity is produced by a solar panel fitted to the cabin roof powering the GPS and other essential instruments. As for the toilet…Bucket and chuck-it!



Indian Ocean Rowing Race 09


Ocean Research


Rebecca Adlington

"There are plenty of water based challenges, but this has got to be one of the toughest. 4,000 miles with up to 80 days in a boat under your own power is unimaginable - and you are both only 21 years old! I wish you all the best for the race and well done for raising so much money for charity, an amazing achievement. GOOD LUCK"