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The Counting House,
7 Bridge Street,

We invite you to become a crew member on our boat, where we would like to write your name on our boat and welcome you to share the adventure with us.


We would also like to take a photo of you with us on the boat to remind us of our friends and family back home.


Join our list of crew members and get your photo up on our slideshow below by making a donation now!


For more widgets please visit www.yourminis.com


Elite Crew Members - £50+

Ben Facer-Childs
The Naylor-Vanes
Sonia and Patrick Bell
Nick and Annie Haigh
David and Louise Johnson
Warren Luyt
Gill Hill
Nicola Winson
James Fenton
Paul Siberry
Penny Siberry
Laura Anderson
Amy Hunt
Ro Facer
Christine Facer
Jamie Ballard
Thomas Cowell
Jill Wheatley
Jo Okey
Sally Thomas & Family
Adrian Lenton
Rob Walter
Mike & Bernadet Clake

Crew Members - £25

Louise Rudd
Simon Edginton
Reg Fergrado
David Rayner
Heather, Mike and Holly Davis
Hilary Hosier
Elvira Bott
Barry Sexton
Sam Thysse
Chris Thompson
Kate Thysse
Chris Glimer
Ollie Morgan
Herb and Zita Newcombe