We are both passionate about the environment and as aspiring ocean rowers, we are particularly interested in the world’s oceans. Oceans are so important to humankind, yet we continue to pollute, disturb and over-harvest them.

When we decided to embark on this journey, we thought of ways to help - not only our chosen charities, but also the marine environment. This is how we discovered Earthwatch, the international environmental charity that conducts scientific research worldwide to find answers to pressing environmental problems. Oceans research is a high priority for Earthwatch and the charity is looking for solutions that will benefit both marine life and the people that rely upon it.

During our ocean voyage, we will be helping Earthwatch to collect data which will contribute to the growing global picture of ocean health; we will be photographing and identifying any marine life we see, including whales, dolphins, turtles and sharks!

To find out more about Earthwatch and its ocean programmes, visit



Shark ID - Turtle ID - Cetacean ID - Protected Species




We are interested in finding out more about the psychology behind such a challenge and how we will maintain, not only our motivation to row but also our relationship with each other.


One key area of understanding for all people is in team work and relationships. Working with psychologist Chris we hope to provide useful towards furthering our understanding.

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